The picture can be a passport or size picture; care should be taken that accessories such as glasses or hats are not pulled from a distance. In addition, the picture should have .jpg .png .gif extension and maximum 6 MB size used on the internet.

First of all, people under the age of 18 should inform their families when filling in the application form. Our agency takes great care to protect and protect the privacy of applicants online. Your applications are acting, modeling, etc. The titles are also evaluated by our most experienced cast directors. The result is notified to you by e-mail and sms within one week at the latest.

If your application is accepted, STORY AGENCY We will invite you to our agency for preliminary interviews and photo shoots so that you can join the family. We will ask you to come with your ID when coming to the meeting. Video CV (Set Cart) is prepared in professional studio with professional lights and professional devices. STORY AGENCY  evaluates the applications according to their own criteria and does not explain about them. For this reason, our agency does not provide a guarantee for acceptance as a result of your application.

One of the factors affecting the result of the application is that the picture you send us reflects you in the best way. The pictures you leave us by e-mail or personally made applications are never returned. Please fill the form completely. (The information for that person should be written for this form.)